Extend your living space by adding a deck – Daily Telegraph interview

Greg Candrick of Precision Decking, Northern Beaches, was interviewed by Ben Pike of the Daily Telegraph for an article on outdoor living areas.

Extracts from the article:

The article states that extending your living space by adding a deck can be quite affordable but requires a thoughtful plan.

The key to a successful deck is that it be built on a solid foundation and be made of sturdy stuff capable of withstanding our climate. 

Most homeowners know what they want, but there is more to a deck than meets the eye. Many of the problems with decks lie with the foundations, which can be severely damaged by adverse weather conditions, rot and splitting. 

The average deck on a detached home costs about $10,000 and in most cases replacing it is better than trying to repair it.

Extend your deck at least 3.6 metres out from the house

And when it comes to considering how big – more is more.  Unless there are limitations with space and no other option, anything that extends less than 3.6m out from the house is basically too small.  That length is the minimum to allow a good sized table and chairs to work comfortably.

Greg Candrick says that as people embrace outdoor living there has been a corresponding change in the size of decks.

“They are certainly getting bigger, with clients wanting more decking space as opposed to backyard grassed areas,” he says.

“People want to entertain more.  Most peoople opt for a square deck out the back, and there have been more and more people going for glass or aluminium rails.”

Regulations are an issue.  According to the NSW Housing Code, if you are building a deck that is no larger than 25 square metres, not more than 1 metre above the ground level and is at least 900mm from any boundary, you won’t have to go through the local Council.

“Some people go straight to big decks and then realise they will have to go through Council, which can cost anything from $3,000 to $50,000 on top of the actual price, Greg says.

“You normally won’t get a good idea of how much it’s gong to cost until you’ve got a few quotes and worked out if you need Council approval or not.”

Contact Greg Candrick of Precision Decking for more information about outdoor living areas and decking.


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